September 19, 2005

September Update

Dear friends and family,

Things are going pretty well here in the big city! Our fall season is taking-off with school beginning for most of the students we work with, La Vida Profunda starting-up again, and the general frenzy leading up to the holiday season. Also, this is Mexico’s Patriotic Month” as she celebrates her 1810 independence from Spain. Needless to say, there are flags and fireworks everywhere!

We want to ask all of you to lift up a special prayer request for our family. Several months ago, the landlord of our apartment requested that we move out at the end of July. At the time we were excited about making the move because one of our Mexican friends was building an apartment on his property for us to rent. We perceived many advantages to this situation: rent would be slightly less, we would personally know our landlord, our landlord would be a Christian, the apartment itself would be brand new, etc. However, we have now been out of our last apartment for nearly two months, and the new one is still unfinished — far behind schedule. In the mean time, we have been living out of suitcases with our teammates, the Maupins, while all of our belongings are piled in boxes in the yet-to-be-completed apartment.

While we are doing well, and are blessed to have such a flexible daughter, we are growing more and more eager to have a space again for our family. Please pray that the apartment would be finished soon. It still lacks the three critical components of gas, water, and electricity. If things go well, it could be finished in as little as a month.

Thank you. We covet all of your prayers, and we are convinced that it is through them that God moves our mission in Mexico City.

Love, Luke, Lindsay, and Bella

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October Update First of all, we want to thank everyone for their prayers about our apartment. We are happy (and amazed) to announce that we are officially moved