November 18, 2005

November Update

Friends, family, and beloved supporters,

We’ve had a pretty busy last month! Here’s a quick overview of the happenings:

Bella’s Birthday We had the wonderful opportunity to have family visit us earlier this month to celebrate Bella’s 2nd birthday. (Yes, 2nd birthday! It’s hard to believe that she’s getting so old!) Lindsay’s parents came for the weekend and celebrated with some of our Mexican friends. The birthday bash was a great success. (Although we’re not sure that a 2-year-old really absorbs the meaning of it all.) The party was complete with a piñata.

Also, Luke’s dad was able to visit for a few days during the next week. It was such an encouragement to have them all here, especially the two dads because it had been a couple of years since they had visited.

Fútbol A few months a ago, one of our teammates, Sheldon, put together a soccer team to play in a local league. It was a great opportunity to get to know some of our La Vida Profunda students better, and it provided a way for us to meet some of their non-Christian friends. Our season officially finished last week, so please pray for the guys that we met and were able to meet and play with. Pray that we will have opportunities to continue to stay in contact with them. Oh, by the way, our team finished dead-last in our division.

La Vida Profunda Update We are daily closer to wrapping up LVP book 3, The Fruit of the Spirit.” It only lacks professional proofing, and then it’s ready for prime time. Also, this semester of our LVP small group is rapidly coming to a close; we only lack two more weeks! Thank you for your prayer for the students who attend. It is our deep desire that the LVP curriculum and small group study works powerfully to bring students closer to God.

Some of you have asked about the recovery of Mayra and Samuel’s dad, and we are happy to report that he has recovered from his car accident quickly. Thank you for your prayers for them.

Some Stuff to Pray About - Luke’s sister and her husband are missionaries in Bangkok, Thailand. They just had a new baby boy, Owen. Please keep them in your prayers!

- Next weekend (right after Thanksgiving) we have a youth leadership retreat. One of our teammates, Rob, and a fellow missionary friend organize several of these each year. Please pray that this one would go well, and that we have a good turnout — we are hoping for at least 35 students.

As always, thank you for your support!

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