March 16, 2006

March Update

Dear praying friends and family,

Man, it’s been a full month!

First off, we would like to thank everyone around the world who has been praying for us and for the health of our family. For those who don’t know, Luke’s sister and her family visited us during their furlough from Thailand. (They are missionaries in Bangkok.) The day they were scheduled to leave, we rushed their four-month-old (Owen) to the emergency room, after he had been acting extremely lethargic. There we learned that he was not getting sufficient oxygen to his blood. The ER doctors checked him into the main hospital and recommended that he remain there for a few days.

Meanwhile, Bella had come down with a stomach virus or had food poisoning. She threw-up all night, and the next morning Luke took her to her doctor. The doctor ran some tests and after a couple of vomit-free hours, we determined that it was okay to take her back home; it must have just been a little bug. But as Luke was leaving the doctor’s office with her, she threw-up again. The doctor determined that she needed to be checked into the hospital to prevent further dehydration and to conduct more tests. So in less than 24 hours, we had two tiny kids in the hospital, both for unknown causes.

We had been translating between the doctors and Luke’s sister and brother-in-law, but now we were busy with own daughter in another hospital room. Thankfully, our terrific teammates took shifts at the hospital to help with translation. And Luke’s mom, who was also visiting, watched all the healthy kiddos back at the house.

We are overjoyed to report that after a few hectic days of prayer (on your part, as well as ours), everyone is okay. Bella was able to check out late the next night, and baby Owen checked out a few days later. He was diagnosed and treated for a respiratory infection that was inhibiting his body’s oxygen absorption. The cause of Bella’s symptoms was never fully determined, but she was able to keep down some food and got some much needed rest in the hospital.


Other than the hospital emergencies, it was wonderful to see Luke’s family.

Also this month, we had another La Vida Profunda event. We took the students to a mountain just outside of the city and carried a home-made wooden cross to one of the mountain’s peaks. Theme: Carry Your Cross.” Everything went perfectly–lesson, weather, safety, response from students–except for a disappointing turn-out. We only had 5 students; at previous events this semester we’ve had twice that number.

One final announcement: We have good news! Lindsay is expecting a baby! This is an answer to prayer, and a joy to our family!

Again, thank you for your prayers. Please continue to lift up our family and ministry.

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