April 20, 2006

April Update

Well, it’s already been a month since our last email update. Here’s an overview of what’s been going on down here in the Big City:

Ministry Stuff We had a group of students from Lincoln Christian College visit us for their annual Week of Evangelism.” The students were a lot of fun, and had great attitudes about serving here with us. They were able to enjoy a pretty diverse trip: work projects, a hands-on outreach to an indigenous Indian group, and youth ministry with kids from the local church. And of course, they dined on fine Mexican cuisine.

Also, we had another La Vida Profunda al eXtremo meeting. This time, we went to a mountain state park just south of the city where Sheldon had set up an orienteering” course. (The stuff you learn in Boy Scouts really can come in handy…) The students were split into three teams. Each team given a compass, and a list of objectives . The objectives were indiscreet flags planted in the ground in hard-to-find places. Each team was to complete the course in the fastest time possible.

After the orienteering race, Luke taught a lesson on finding direction from God. And finally, we had a carne asada (really tasty skirt steak) cook-out.


Family Stuff We had a wonderful doctor’s appointment with Lindsay’s OB/Gyn. We had been praying a lot over the baby, because we were coming up on the time when we lost our previous pregnancy. So needless to say, our hearts were a little heavy as we went to the doctor for Lindsay’s check-up. The check-up was perfect. Our doctor was very reassuring as we viewed the ultrasound of Baby Greer wiggling and kicking. The doctor told us that everything was perfect — size, growth rate, heart rate, everything. Thank you God!

Also, we celebrated Lindsay’s birthday on the 28th of March. We were blessed to have a romantic date downtown while Bella enjoyed a slumber party with the Maupins.

Prayer Stuff Please keep us in your prayers:

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