May 18, 2006

May Update

Dear family and friends,

We are so blessed to have all of you. Over the past few weeks, we have received encouraging notes from many of you to simply tell us that you’re praying for us. Thank you.

Over the next few weeks, please lift up the following in prayer:

THE JEFFERSONS Many of you may already know that the Jeffersons have accepted a youth ministry in Houston, Texas. Sheldon and Keri have been a part of our team almost since its inception nearly five years ago. So, while we are happy for them and confident in God’s hand in their new ministry, we are heavy-hearted to see such good friends and teammates leave. Sheldon will begin as a middle school youth minister at Northside Christian Church this summer. He and Keri had been in talks and prayer with the church for a few months, and decided that this summer was a good time to jump in to the youth ministry activities there.

Please pray for them as they begin this new ministry, and pray for us too, as we will miss them.

ELECTIONS The Mexico National Elections will be held on July 2 . Presidential terms work a little bit differently here than they do in the U.S. Each term is held for six years, and once a term is served, one cannot be re-elected. So, Mexico’s current president (Vicente Fox) will not be up for re-election. Also unlike the U.S., Mexico’s politics aren’t dominated by only two political parties– there are currently seven parties represented in the Mexican Congress. As far as the Presidential elections go however, there are only three candidates that really have a shot at the Presidency.

Frankly, we don’t know which candidate is best.” Sadly, Mexico has a long history corruption through all levels of its government, so it would be wonderful for the Mexican people to see a president who begins a legacy of integrity in the Presidential Office. (If you want to know more about the elections, here is a great resource in English.)


FUTURE Our future plans have been at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers over the past several months. We are continuing to seek Godly counsel, pray, and dialogue about the future. The desire of our hearts is to continue missions work in Mexico City, and God has been faithful in his direction over us. Last weekend we had the opportunity to visit with some veteran missionaries about their church planting experience in Mexico City and in the Mexican city of Pachuca. The visit was terrific and served to further hone our thoughts about the future.

Please continue to lift us up in this regard. Also, pray for future teammates for us to continue the work here in the Big City.

Love, Luke, Lindsay, Bella, and Baby

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