June 29, 2006

June Update

Dear friends and family,

Thanks so much for keeping us in your prayers over the past few weeks. We have been in the US for a brief furlough to visit camps, churches, and family. Our visits with supporting churches were terrific and our time as missionaries at a New Mexico high school church camp was excellent as well. We will be making the trip back to Mexico City in just a few days now, and we are ready to get back into the swing of things there! In the meantime, please be praying over the following:

Our Family We were able to have an ultrasound done while we were in Tennessee and we our baby is a girl! Please continue to pray over the pregnancy, our doctor in Mexico, and for the delivery at the end of September. Also, keep Bella in your prayers as she gears up for being a big sister!

Saul Saul is a Mexican national who has been an intern with us for about a year now, and he has proven himself to be a wonderful learner, worker, and servant. He had the opportunity to drive up with Luke to be a part of the church camp in New Mexico, and to explore some future college options. He wants to prepare to be a minister in Mexico City, so while we were in the US he was able to talk to some people from a couple of Bible colleges about possible education options. Please pray that God would provide him with wisdom about the future, as well as open doors to prepare himself for the ministry.

Mexican Elections Also please keep the Mexican presidential elections in your prayers. Elections will be held July 2! The latest polls indicate a nearly three-way tie between Mexico’s three dominate parties, with a slight lead given to the capitalistic party (PAN). The socialist-leaning party (PRD) candidate is in a close second. A vote for the PRD could bring negative changes for us as foreigners, like tougher visa requirements and abandonment of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).

Summer As soon as we arrive back in the Big City our summer programs will be in full-swing. Please pray for the Christ In Youth group who will be visiting, the Mexican National Christian Convention, the church’s VBS, and a work trip to an Indian village — all of which will be taking place over the next several weeks.

We love you all, and we are thankful for you!

Love, Luke, Lindsay, Bella and Baby

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