August 18, 2006

August Update


We hope this latest installment of our monthly update finds each of you doing well.

What’s going on here You’d think things would be slowing down as we near our five-year mark. But, our calendar is as busy as ever! In a couple of weeks, Luke will be going on a youth retreat where he will teach on listening to God. Please lift up this retreat in prayer. We hope to have between 10 and 20 students, ages 16-20ish. The retreat will be held in a very cool (“cool” both figuratively and literally) mountain cabin. We really think that it’ll be a great place to tackle the topic of hearing God. Pray that God blesses the trip, the students, and the three teachers: Luke, Rob, and Rodney.

Baby Greer We want to report that the pregnancy is still going very well. Lindsay and the baby are both healthy, and the baby seems to be growing by the minute! Also, it seems that the original due date (October 7th) may have been a little too early. Now the doctor thinks it may be more like October 12th. This, of course, is totally fine with us, except that we had planned to go to a missionary debriefing retreat in early November with the Maupins as a way to wrap up our five-year ministry with them. Now that the baby may come a week later, we are not sure if we want to travel with such a little one. Of course, our priority is having a healthy labor and delivery and a healthy baby, but we are also a little saddened that we may not get to have the goodbye” with the Maupins that we first envisioned.

Future ministry God is ever-shaping our future work here in the Big City. We had the opportunity to talk with a missions organization about the possibility of partnering with them when we return to Mexico City. We think that we have a great fit with them and that they’ll really help us with some of the logistical details of the mission, freeing us up to focus on the field work. Please pray over this relationship. Also, we’ve had the opportunity to talk with our supporting churches, and they’re excited about continuing their support of us into the future. We’re excited about all of this, and we just wanted to share it with you!

Thanks We wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you” again to each one of you for your prayerful and financial support of us over the past five years. We are truly blessed, and we wait with eager expectation (Psalm 5) of what God will do over the next five years!

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