October 9, 2006

October Update


We know that this month’s update is coming a little bit earlier than usual, but we wanted to give you some new information on our soon-to-be-born baby!

Baby is coming any day now! Lindsay has been experiencing more and more contractions, and although most of them have been of the Braxton Hicks” nature, they are steadily increasing in frequency and strength. Our doctors decided that we would let everything proceed naturally until the due date (the 12th) and if the baby has still not arrived, then Lindsay will go into surgery early Thursday morning for a c-section. Because Lindsay had a c-section with Bella, this will be safer than letting the pregnancy continue beyond the due date. We are excited to see our new baby! Please keep this at the forefront of your prayers! Discipleship Sermon Series Rob and Luke have just wrapped up a six-week sermon series on being a disciple of Jesus at Coyoacán Christian Church. This is an important milestone, because it marks one of our final formal ministries at the Coyoacán church before our December departure.

The series was met with a good response from many in the congregation. Please pray especially for a young lady named Gaby. She was touched by the sermon messages and by the idea that Jesus really wanted her to be His follower. Gaby is a 19-year-old single mom, and she is really searching.

Protests For those of you who have been praying about the political protests here in Mexico City, thank you. The street protests in the city’s center have peacefully come to an end. Please continue to pray for the political situation here though, as Felipe Calderon does not officially assume office until December. The days and weeks leading up to his inauguration could lead to repeat protests.

Another Prayer Request We have another prayer request that is a little out of the ordinary. Please pray for Luke’s sister, Rachel, and her family. They are missionaries in Bangkok, Thailand. A few days ago, Rachel had a seizure in her sleep. After hospitalization and a number of tests, she now seems to be doing well. Please pray for them in the coming days: that God would provide them with a good, understandable neurologist in Bangkok, and that they would have wisdom and discernment about how all of this plays into their future plans.

Thanks so much! We will email pictures of the baby as soon as we can!


Luke, Lindsay, Bella, and Baby

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