February 2, 2007

January Update

New Year

ltwheaton A new year and a new place… We are all safe in Wheaton, IL. We plan to be here throughout this year as we regroup and prepare to return to Mexico City next year.

Luke’s classes at Wheaton College Graduate School began a couple of weeks ago, and they have been terrific confirmation of God’s provision and plans for us. Luke especially loves his Latin American Theology class, which is taught by a veteran missionary who served in Mexico City for 12 years.

We have also been blessed to receive a scholarship especially for missionaries that helps with the cost of tuition. Also, we found an apartment that is within walking distance of the college (although 20 degrees is very cold walking weather!) so Luke can attend class and leave the car for Lindsay and the girls.

There are simply so many things that we could tell you about seeing God’s hand in our lives… we just wanted to share a couple of them with you!

Please Pray

Please join us in praising God for preparing the way for us to furlough here in Wheaton.

Please pray for our kids, especially Bella, as they adjust to our time here in the U.S. We want them to feel at home here, but we also desire for them to remain connected to the language and culture of Mexico.

Please pray that Luke’s studies would help to prepare us for the church plant in Mexico City.

Please pray that God would provide us with future teammates. We are currently talking to a couple of families, and they are in the prayer process of making their decisions. Please pray that God would direct them.

As always, thank you so much for your steadfast prayer for us! We couldn’t do it without you!

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