March 15, 2007

March Update

Wheaton College Update Well, half of our first semester here at Wheaton College has already come and gone. Luke has had some great courses including Latin American Theology and Dynamics of Church Growth, both that directly benefit our continued service in Mexico City. The Church Growth class was taught by a former missionary and church planter to Japan, and the Latin American Theology class was taught by a former missionary to, you guessed it, Mexico City! What a blessing!

Thank You We want to offer our sincerest thanks to all of you who have continued to pray for us and support us financially during this time. We must admit that we were a little bit nervous about how our support would pan out over these first few months of 2007, simply because of the changes on our team and the transition to a new mission agency. How quickly we forget God’s faithfulness! Thank you for your steadfast support of us and this ministry!

Our Family liv eating cereal For those who saw Olivia during Christmas, you simply wouldn’t believe how much she’s already changed. She is growing so fast. She’s just started eating baby cereal, and her expressions are very funny. At five months, we are starting to see her little personality coming alive! As for Bella, every day she is becoming more and more a little girl and less and less a toddler! Both of our girls are doing very well, and have made a terrific adjustment to our temporary home here in Wheaton. We know that your prayers for us have made all the difference.

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