August 26, 2008

Back in Mexico

Hello friends, It’s been an incredibly long time since we’ve written anything on here, almost a year. Lots of changes in that time! We are now back in Mexico City and getting our apartment all set up. We are enjoying this time of getting reacquainted with Mexico, speaking Spanish, and seeing our Mexican friends again. We completed two weeks of language school and we felt like it was a really good refresher course for all of us. Bella has been speaking Spanish so much more lately, since we’ve been back. It’s fun to see her excited about communicating. While we were at language school we visited a big Pentecostal Church there in Cuernavaca. When it came time for the kids to all go to their classes, Bella asked if she could go to class, too. She did the same when we went with our neighbor, Toño, to his mission” church in an extremely poor area of the city. Both times I was convicted by her courage to step out of what was comfortable and getting involved to meet other people and visit. I hope that I can imitate her desire to reach out! Luke has been busy building things since we’ve been back. He’s finished a bunk bed for Bella and a kitchen shelf for me. He’s finishing up a desk for his office. He enjoys being able to do projects like that! We are both trying to get our office areas cleaned out and ready. LT: because he is looking forward to having a space (his study”) all to himself. Me: because I’m going to try to start Kindergarten with Bella in the next week or two. She can hardly wait. I have all the stuff my sweet friend, Shannon, used with her kids. So, that makes Bella even more excited being able to do the same school work her friends, Garrett and Kate, used. Our girls are both about to have birthdays. Bella will turn 5 in November and Olivia will be 2 in October. Luke also has a birthday in October–He turns 30!!! One more thing–Bella got her first hair-cut today. I cut some bangs. She looks adorable and LOVES the way it turned out. I’m just glad I didn’t totally jack up her hair! It was my first hair-cut, too! :) I guess that’s it for now. I’m going to try and stay more up-to-date with this thing. So, check back often. Love from the MexiGreers –Lindsay

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