October 6, 2008

Pray - Connecting the Dots

First, thanks for all of your prayers for my prayer walks through the neighborhood. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve nearly finished covering the hundreds of blocks, and I’ve learned a lot in the process. Please continue to lift up the roughly 60,000 people that live in this 1.5-square-mile neighborhood. Also, Lindsay and I have known that our beginning this work sans team would mean creating good connections with other Christians and organizations in the city. Even though we’ve only been back in country for about 6 weeks, God has already been faithful in providing us with some good contacts. First, a Mexican friend of ours is pastoring a church plant on the city’s outskirts and has given me the opportunity to go with him over the past several weeks to see what he is doing and how it is going. We’ve also become acquainted with another Christian church plant a few miles to the east of us and have connected with the local pastor there. Both pastors have asked me to guest preach in the coming weeks. Finally, we have been blessed to have established a formal coaching” relationship with a 25-year veteran missionary and church planter in a community north of the city. I tell you all of this because we are energized about how God is leading, and we want yo ask you to pray for fruit with each of these partnerships. Establishing connections with people like these helps to provide us with a local network of support, and it gives us encouragement in these early days of slow relationship-building. As always, thank you for your steadfast prayer and support, Luke

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