February 19, 2009

Please Pray - Small Group in Providencia

Dear Faithful Prayer Partners,
First off, thanks so much for praying for our church’s anniversary. It
was wonderful! We had more than 200 come (which is a record for us!)
and everyone was excited to remember all that God has done so far, and
look forward to all he is still doing with El Jubileo” (Jubilee
Church). Read more about it at our mission website, impactolatino.org
Also, thank you for praying for us as we searched for a school for
Bella. We’ve found a great little school that we’re very happy with.
Bella loves going, and she is making new friends and learning more
Spanish everyday. Please continue to pray for her as she adjusts to
her new schedule and longer days with lots of Spanish.
We’d like to ask you to pray for a new small group in a low-income
neighborhood called Providencia.” We meet every week on Friday night
to discuss Sunday’s message, and we just hang out and have fun. So far
things have been going well with the new group, and we want to ask for
prayers that it continues to grow and that it serves as an outreach
point in the community. Please pray for Wendy, Xochi, Beto, Armando,
and the many others who have come.
Your prayers make all the difference. Thank you for joining us!

Posted via email from Mexico Greers

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