May 17, 2009

Please Pray - swine flu, new celebrations, new church!

Dear praying friends and family,
  We want to thank you again for praying for us over the past
couple of weeks. Thanks for reading these emails and sharing them with
your friends and Sunday school classes. And thank you for your
encouraging notes and phone calls. Hopefully this will be the last
prayer update with the word swine” in the title. :)
  The government here has said that cases of swine flu have been
stabilizing, and Monday the 18th everything moves back into full swing
as schools and businesses reopen. This Sunday was our first to get
together normally in two weeks, and everyone was excited to be see
each other again. It was a big Sunday for us: we launched a second
celebration at the Jubilee church, and our good friends Greg and Vicki
Syverson held their first celebration in the new church plant, New
  Please be in continued prayer about the flu outbreak, that it
would totally subside and disappear. And also please pray for Jubilee
as it grows and for the New Life church as it begins. These are big
steps for the congregations here in Pachuca, and we wait in eager
expectation” (Psalm 5) for all that God is going to do.
For the Kingdom,

Posted via email from Mexico Greers

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