August 1, 2009

Please Pray - Providencia, thanks for trip

Dear faithful pray-ers,

 It’s been too long since my last prayer post. We’ve been busy with
some travel which makes it more difficult to send out our prayer
requests and updates.

 First, thanks for your prayers for our neighbors. Their two daughters
plan to be baptized today! We have had some great talks with them, and
we are happy to be getting to know their family better. Please
continue to pray for the husband/dad, as he has not expressed interest
in the church thing” that his kids and wife are becoming more
involved in.

 Thanks also for your continued prayer for our small group in
“Providencia.” We had a great meeting on Friday where we discussed
some of Jesus’ parables. The group is growing in maturity and we’re
seeing some cool things happen in some of the families. Please
continue to lift up Oscar, Wendy, Luz Ma, Xochi, Beto, Lupe, Andrea,
and the others.

 Finally, please join us in praising God for a great (albeit, quick)
trip to the US. We had terrific visits with supporters in Texas and in
Tennessee, and we got to spend some time with our families, some of
which we hadn’t seen for nearly two years. We’ve returned refreshed.


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