December 11, 2009

Please Pray - New Mission Transition and finances

Dear friends and family,

First, an update on the last prayer post: Lindsay’s pregnancy is healthy, our house has been protected from potential robbery, and the Jubilee church plant is working steadily toward the purchase of some land to build its own facility. Thank you for praying for us. 

We’ve got another huge prayer request to offer up. The Executive Board of our mission (IMPACTO Latino), along with input from the missionaries, has made the decision to fold into another larger mission, New Mission Systems International (NMSI). We’ve been in discussions with NMSI for over a year about a possible partnership because IMPACTO Latino has been looking for creative ways to sustain its growth and better manage some of the administrative challenges (like insurances, ever-changing tax codes, and new recruits) of being an international mission. Coming in under the umbrella of NMSI is a great way to do that, because of their expertise in all of those things. This expertise will help the IMPACTO missionary team remain focused on the work here on the field and it stages us for a continued fruitful ministry into the future. 

I don’t want to get into all the minutiae here — you can read more about the transition on our website. But I do want to ask for your prayers. Any organizational transition has its kinks. Please join us in thanking God for a great solution like NMSI, and pray that God continues to bless our new relationship. Pray also that our supporters stay strong and faithful through the transition. 

Also, please continue to pray for our families financial support. We’ve just heard from another church that they’ll support us next year — a wonderful answer to prayer! We’re still well short of 100% moving into 2010, so please keep this in your prayers.

In all, we feel really blessed. It’s been an incredibly busy season, and there’s still a lot more to do the remaining weeks of 2009, but we’ve been blessed in ministry and relationships here. And we’re blessed to have you — people who pray specifically for us every time we ask. 

Thank you. 


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