January 20, 2010

Special Letter from the Impacto Latino Team, Haiti

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our team of Missionaries and Mexican Church leaders are feeling great sadness for Haiti, and we are praying for the country’s people, including the many Christians and missionaries that live and work there. In the days ahead, the Jubilee church plant will be looking at how it can participate in helping with the great need there. Those of us that were in Mexico during the 1985 earthquake remember the terror and devastation of those very difficult days.

We would encourage you, our Christian brothers and sisters, to move quickly to help in this disaster by visiting the websites of New Mission Systems International (nmsi.org) or the International Disaster Emergency Service (ides.org) to make donations to their Haiti disaster relief programs. Both of these organizations already have established systems in place to quickly provide aid.

In light of the disaster in Haiti, we have come to the conclusion that it is wise for us to postpone our VISION SUMMIT that was planned for next month in Pachuca. The new dates for the summit will be SEPTEMBER 26 & 27. Though this is disappointing, it does not compare with the current suffering of Haiti’s people. We hope that this will help all of us focus on how our churches need to respond to the need in Haiti.

We will be in contact with each of you over the coming months to organize your participation with us in September. Please also be aware that information on the VISION SUMMIT will be on the IMPACTO Latino website. 

If you have any questions, 

please contact your missionary directly.

¡Qué el Señor tenga misericordia por los de Haiti!

In Christ Jesus,

The Pachuca Project Team – Sergio & Holly Alvarado, Eric & Dee Duggins, Luke & Lindsay Greer, and Jorge and Juanita Del Angel

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