February 5, 2010

Please Pray - Church move, new friend, and more

To the Praying Faithful:

It’s been a bit longer than I like since our last prayer update. Things are, as always, moving quickly here, and I have several things to ask you to pray about.

First, the Jubilee church plant is steadily working toward its long-term goal of buying a piece of property to construct its own facility. It’s a tough time to undertake such a project, but the church has grown over the past three years, and the leadership is confident of the Lord’s leading in the process. Please pray for adequate resources for the church’s people and for good support from churches and individuals in the U.S.

Also, leadership of the Jubilee plant has decided that we will be changing our rented location. The current rental contract was set to expire next month, and when we met with the owner we discovered that he wanted to raise the cost significantly at a time when the church was looking to save money anywhere we could. Thankfully we’ve found a new location, that’s a little bit larger and costs less. We will be making the move in April. Please pray that God prepares the way for this transition and that all the church’s people would maintain a positive, hopeful outlook in the middle of change.

Finally, please pray for a friend of mine. He’s been coming to one of our small groups for awhile now, and he’s super interested in the Christian faith. I’ve been meeting with him on Saturdays to do introductory Bible studies. Please pray for him, as he reads the Bible for the first time (he just finished Luke and is starting Acts). Pray also for our studies on Saturdays in the coffee shop down the street. Ask God to continue to open his heart and ask that he would respond to God’s invitation to New Life.

Thank you always for your prayers.

Blessings, Luke

PS — the photo is of me eating my first chinicuiles” — better known in English as worms.” Not bad…

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