April 29, 2010

One happy Momma

We don’t want to overload your email with too many updates. But, this one was too good to wait. Luke asked the nurses this morning if I could be the one to give Eli his bottles (I’ve been pumping every 3 hours for the last several days). We kind of expected them to say sure, but then we weren’t sure if it would actually work out. So, today I went a little before his 12pm feeding, and they let me sit down, hold him (the first time I’ve held him), and give him his bottle. My heart was so happy it almost exploded! When he was done I got to burp him and then just sit and rock him for the next hour or so. What a blessing! I got to see my first dreamy smiles and hear my first Eli sneeze. I will go back every 3 hours and hopefully be the one to feed him each time. Thank you for praying and I will try to take a picture if i can.

Blissfully happy, Lindsay

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