May 31, 2010

Please Pray - Elijah, baptisms, summer

Dear friends and family,

As always, thank you for your prayers. Things are moving quickly here, and between having a new baby and all that’s happening with the ministry, I’ve had little time to send out this month’s prayer update.

First, thanks for your prayers for our son Elijah. I know that many of you followed our updates on our family webpage. He’s doing very well now, and we are glad to have him at home. We just celebrated his 1-month birthday!

Second, thanks for praying for me and the young man that I was doing Bible studies with. God answered your prayers, and a few weeks ago I had the priveledge of baptizing him! Please continue to keep him in your prayers as he begins life as a Christian.

Finally, please keep us and our team in your prayers this summer. We’re blessed to have several church groups visit, we’re beginning an English class outreach, we have a VBS, and we’ll participate in a conference with our mission agency. All of this in addition to the already packed schedule! Pray that we have energy and wisdom.

Un abrazo fuerte, –Luke

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