June 26, 2010

Please Pray - Bible Studies, Neighbors, New Couple

Dear prayer partners,

First, thanks for your prayers for us this summer. Things are going well, and we still have some more events lined up at the Jubilee church plant as well as with another couple of short-term missions groups coming down.

Second, please pray for a new Aro” (small/cell group) that’s meeting in our house. We meet every Thursday evening, share a meal together, and facilitate a discussion about a Bible passage and application. A few of our non-Christian neighbors have expressed interest; please keep them in your prayers and ask God to open their hearts to receive his message. Also, pray for the Christians in the group: Noé, Araceli, Tania, Pame, Tita, and Orlando, that they would continue to grow in their faith and to share with others.

Finally, please pray for a young couple that I’ve just begun meeting with weekly. They are engaged to be married, and are interested in learning more about the Bible. We’re working through an introductory Bible study together, and I think that God is really working in them. Pray that they would have ears to hear” and that God would turn their whole worldview upside down (or right-side up, depending on your perspective) for Him.

We are blessed and sustained by God’s faithful answers to your prayers for us. Thank you.


PS– The photo has nothing to do with the prayer requests. It’s a just because I’m so proud of him” picture of me and Elijah.

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