September 8, 2010

Please Pray — Vision Summit, Small Group, Thanks for Armando

Dear faithful friends and family,

Thanks always for your prayers. Thanks especially for praying for the men’s retreat. It was the first time that the Jubilee church plant had hosted a men’s event, and it was a blessing for everyone involved. (Special thanks to FCC for their wonderful service).

First, I want to ask for your prayers for a vision summit” that we have coming up September 26 and 27. We’ve never done anything quite like this before, but we’re confident that it will be a really cool event. Representatives from 12 supporting congregations in the US will be here to learn more about the ministry and to pray and talk about partnership in a land and building project that Jubilee has spearheaded. Please pray for a great weekend full of mutual blessing for us, for Jubilee, and for our visitors.

Second, I want to ask you to please lift up a young woman in one of our small groups. She has been struggling for years in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend. She wants something different, but is scared to change, because the current situation is all she knows, and because although the relationship may be abusive, at least there is food on the table for her and her two young kids. Please pray for Lindsay as she meets with, prays with, and counsels with this young woman. And pray that the young woman would begin to see God’s promises as her own, and begin making some critical changes.

Finally, I wanted to share some great news. A young man that I have been doing some evangelistic Bible studies with just told me that he has decided to become a Christian. Please join us in praising God for Armando and his decision to follow Christ!

Thank you always for your prayers your kind notes of encouragement.

Un abrazo fuerte, –Luke

PS– The attached picture is a political cartoon clipped from a local paper. Translated, the words read the real war is one of words” referring to the fact that, even with all the rhetoric, nothing ever really gets done with the federal budget. The two wolves dressed in suits represent politicians from different parties, each accusing the other of being a beast. My commentary: For all of our cultural and linguistic differences, our politics can be strikingly similar.

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