January 4, 2011

Please Pray - New Year! New Recruits!

Dear friends and family,

I have two important prayer requests for you this month. First, in a couple of weeks, we’ll be having a staff retreat with the missionary team and the national ministry workers of the Jubilee Church plant. Please pray for a fruitful meeting together, that God would direct our conversation and our strategy as we plan the coming year. If you think about it, pray especially on the 18, 19, and 20th of this month, while we’re having the retreat.

Second, I want to ask you to help us recruit some more people like you: praying partners. A couple of years ago, Lindsay and I asked everyone we could think of to commit to supporting us in prayer. Our goal was to have 1000 prayer partners for Impacto Latino. We didn’t quite reach that number, and today we have just over 700. But with the New Year here, it is the perfect time to re-campaign for more prayers for this ministry. Please recruit your friends, your Sunday School classes, your families, and who ever to signup and start praying. Just direct them to ImpactoLatino.org, scroll to the bottom right, and signup to receive these emails and start praying!

With your help, we can reach 1000 prayer partners!

May God bless you as you serve and pray this new year.

Un abrazo fuerte, –Luke

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