February 4, 2011

Please Pray - New Christians Retreat

Dear praying friends,

Thanks so much for your prayers for us and for our annual staff/elder’s retreat last month. We definitely experienced God’s response to your prayers as we evaluated and planned for 2011. Also, thanks for asking for more partners to pray for us and the mission here. We had about 20 new sign-ups! If we continue adding around 20 new sign-ups a month, we can reach our goal of 1000 pray partners by the end of the year.

Second, I want to ask you to pray for our New Christians Retreat this weekend. A couple of times a year, we have a retreat with everyone in our church who has recently been baptized. It’s one of my favorite events that we do because we get to confirm together that each new believer has new life and that the old life is gone (2 Cor. 5:17). We’ve got a great group of folks for this retreat, and we’re excited about what God has planned for each of them. Please pray for open hearts, listening ears, and focused minds. We are confident that God will work!

Thanks always for your prayers!

Un abrazo fuerte, Luke

PS– the attached picture shows where to sign-up to pray for us on our website. Thanks for asking more to pray!

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