May 4, 2011

Please Pray - Evangelism Training

Dear prayer partners,

First, thanks for all of your prayers for the newly baptized Christians in the Jubilee church. Please continue to keep them in your prayers over the coming weeks.

Second, we want to ask you to pray for a special event that we’re having this weekend. As a part of our church’s evangelism focus this year, we’re hosting a seminar on personal evangelism on Saturday. We hope that it will be both informative and encouraging to our cell group pastors and other leaders in the church, and that God can use it to spur us on to continually to share Him with others in our communities. Please pray for Vic, the workshop’s teacher, and for each of the attendees — that we will live out our salt and light” calling wherever we are.

Finally, I want to ask you to continue to pray for the Land and Building Project for the Jubilee church. The church here continues to save and give toward the project, and we’ve had several churches in the US also jump on board. Please pray for 3 or 4 more Stateside partnering churches to give generously to the project. Pray too for steadfastness for the church here, that we would persevere long-term to see the Jubilee church with a facility for teaching and outreach.

God blesses us more than you know through your prayers for us.

Un abrazo fuerte, Luke

PS– Our youngest, Elijah, just celebrated his first birthday. The picture is him poking at his birthday cupcake.

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