June 1, 2011

Please pray — New Contacts and Short-term Mission Trip

Dear friends and family,

First, thanks for praying for our evangelism seminar. Vic de Leon did an excellent job teaching, and our people left with fresh energy to reach out to their friends and neighbors.

Second, please pray for a few new contacts we’ve made through a new evangelistic effort. Following the evangelism seminar, a few energetic young guys started a movie club in their neighborhood to get to know new people and share Jesus with them. Each week, they’ve been presenting a different movie with redemptive themes, and inviting neighbors and others to come. So far, the club has provided the church with good connections with 4 or 5 new people. Please pray for Omar, Mauricio, Alicia, and the others that have watched a movie with us. Pray that they would seek, and that God will help us to share Christ with them truthfully and understandably.

Finally, please pray for a group from New Hope in Memphis that will be visiting in a couple of weeks. They’re bringing muscle to help us with door installations in the church rental facility. They’ll also be praying with us, participating in small groups, and heading up a university outreach. Join us in thanking God for their kindness, and pray that God blesses their service and shapes their worldviews!

Pass along our warm greetings to everyone Stateside. We love you.

Un abrazo fuerte, Luke

PS — the photo is of the evangelism seminar. We had about 40 participate!

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