September 7, 2011

Please Pray — Mid Year Report

Dear Prayer Partners,

First off, thanks so much for your prayers for the pastoral training classes this month. We’ve got a great group of upcoming leaders taking the course, and we’re excited to see all that God does with them in the future. Also, thanks for praying for the construction project for one of the families in our church. We plan for construction to be complete in a couple of weeks!

This month, we’re breaking a bit from the norm of our prayer updates by offering you a mid-year report that summarizes the main ministry happenings of 2011 thus far. It’s amazing to see how much God has done in the ministry and people here in Pachuca during the first half of the year. As you read it, please be praying for continued fruit!

Thank you for your faithful prayer for us and for God’s mission in urban Mexico.

Un abrazo fuerte, –Luke

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