March 23, 2012

Please Pray - Olivia update

23 March 2012 Dear praying friends and family, I’m breaking from the normal routine of sending a prayer update at the beginning of the month to ask you to pray for my daughter, Olivia. She’s been in and out of doctors’ offices and hospitals for a few weeks now. Below I’ve given the details and how you can pray. I want to thank those of you who may have already heard and are already praying for us, and let you know that I’ll be posting regular updates on our family blog so that you can check there if you have any questions about her progress. I’ve spoken with so many folks, it’s hard for me to remember who I’ve told what, so hopefully this way there will be one update point that will help keep our prayers informed. Also, feel free to share this email or our blog with others. Although we’ve been tired and perplexed, we’re not driven to despair. We remain hopeful and confident of God’s provision over us. The background About 3-4 weeks ago, our five-year-old daughter Olivia began complaining of abdominal pain, with periodic vomiting and nausea. We saw a pediatrician here in Pachuca, then she was hospitalized for a couple of days and everything seemed to return to normal — for a day or two. Then the symptoms began again, so we went to Mexico City and had some blood tests done, but none of the tests, the doctors visits, or the hospitalization resulted in a clear diagnosis, and the symptoms persisted. So, after talking and praying, we decided our best option was to seek medical attention in the US. Lindsay and the kids flew to Memphis on Thursday, the 16th to see a pediatric gastroenterologist there who is also a member of the church where my parents are. Probable diagnosis After a number of further tests, many possible causes had been eliminated, but still without a clear diagnosis, until Tuesday. Now the physicians think that a probable diagnosis is Henoch-Schonlein purpura, a type of vasculitis, a group of disorders that cause blood vessel inflammation. In Henoch-Schonlein purpura, this inflammation causes bleeding in the small blood vessels (capillaries) in your skin, joints, intestines and kidneys.” What’s next Hopefully after some more tests, they’ll be able to confirm the diagnosis. On Monday, Olivia is scheduled to have an endoscopy to rule out some possible complications in the intestines. Henoch-Schonlein purpura has no direct treatment or cure and instead must simply run its course, which typically lasts around 8 weeks. If any complications arise, then I’ll be on the next plane to Memphis; if not, we’ll pray about what’s best for our family and make a decision about where to be for the recovery process. Thank you Again, we are deeply grateful for your prayers for us. We are encouraged to have a possible diagnosis and direction after a few weeks of not really knowing what was going on, and we are confident that God will continue to provide for us, just as he always does! –Luke

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