March 27, 2012

Olivia continues to improve!

Olivia continues to improve! She’s had a great day. Today she’s done some school work, eaten well, and has been happily playing! This continues to confirm the diagnosis, and means hopefully that the HSP gradually subsiding. We’ll have some more blood test results back on Friday, and we’re praying that they confirm that there are no kidney complications. Apparently, we’ll need to do ongoing blood work for a while to make sure that everything remains stable, even as she returns to normal. Thanks for praying!

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Olivia Update - Endoscopy Results Early this morning, Lindsay and Olivia left for the hospital for Olivia’s scheduled endoscopy. We are joyful to announce that no complications
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Olivia update - blood test and biopsy results Today we received all of the results for Olivia’s blood work, a couple of days earlier than we expected. Everything looks good, no kidney issues, no