May 6, 2012

Please Pray — Growing!

Dear friends and family,

For our family, 2012 has been kind of a weird year so far. First with Olivia being sick for several weeks, and then last week we traveled to Missouri for the funeral of my grandfather. We definitely miss him, but we celebrate that he is now with Christ, and that he now has a new body. Thank you for all of your prayers for us.

The ministry side of life continues to go very, very well. The Jubilee church plant is growing in both maturity and number. As a matter of fact, on Sunday we had our largest attendance ever for a normal Sunday. Even after just finishing adding extra space to our rental facility, we had no more room. It was just terrific!

That reminds me, please continue to pray for the Jubilee building project. By God’s goodness and provision, we have a paid-for piece of land, and now we are beginning the process of support-gathering with Jubilee and with our Stateside supporters for the construction of a new facility. We are excited and hopeful about all that God is doing and will continue to do!

Also, please be praying for me and Lindsay as we are taking on some additional leadership responsibilities in the church. With our small (cell) groups ministry growing, we will be now leading a small group pastors’ meeting on Monday nights in our house.

Please pray for continued growth in the church, and ask God to continue to provide all that is needed to sustain that growth!

We praise God for you! And we eagerly anticipate His answers to your prayers for us!

Un abrazo fuerte, –Luke

PS — the photo is from Sunday with a packed house

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