April 2, 2013

Please Pray - Praise for church anniversary, youth ministry, new daughter in Christ

Dear prayer partners,

Thank you for praying for us. Thank you for your prayers for our family and for this church planting work that God is accomplishing. We have received excellent news from some of the pastoral candidates that we’ve been interviewing for the Jubilee church. This is an important milestone for the church as her own local leadership becomes more and more established for a long, fruitful future. Thank you for praying. We’ll be sharing more over the coming weeks.

This month, there is almost too much to share, as I don’t want to overwhelm your inbox. The church hosted a terrific Youth Ministry Workshop, the annual Mexico Missionary Reunion was blessed with sound teaching and great fellowship, and Jubilee celebrated it’s sixth anniversary. Again, thank you for praying. We know that everything that we have is from God and due to His faithful provision over us.

Please continue to lift up this church plant as often as you can. Pray for our upcoming New Christians’ retreat (April 26-27), for our leadership course that’s taking place every Sunday morning, for the building project, and pray for the church’s elders and small group pastors to be keenly aware of God’s direction. Pray that we would follow in confident, joyful obedience.

Thank you for your prayers!

Un abrazo, –Luke

PS — the photo is by far the best news that I can share with you. My oldest daughter, Isabella, was baptized into Christ! Praise God! Pray for her as she begins her walk with Jesus.

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