September 1, 2013

Please Pray - Jubilee’s First Missionary

Dear friends and family,

Thank you all for your kind notes of encouragement and for your prayers. This is truly an exciting time for the Jubilee church plant, with new locally-established leadership growing and maturing every day.

This month, I want to ask you to pray for yet another young leader from our church. Her name is Estrella Velazquez, and she is Jubilee’s first missionary.

As I sit and write this update, it’s moving for me to meditate on the work that God is accomplishing. Think about it: Just six years ago there was no Jubilee church at all. Now, there are 200 that gather together every week to praise His name, with small groups that meet throughout the city to pray and learn from His word. People who had never heard are now worshipers of Jesus Christ. Where there was no church before, now there is a growing fellowship of believers with a growing local leadership, and a growing local vision.

And now, Jubilee is preparing to send out her very own Timothy” — a missionary to a church and urban outreach ministry in Brazil!

It’s extraordinary. It’s God doing what only he can, taking our humble planting and watering, and producing fruitful growth (1 Corinthians 3:5-9).

Please join us in praise and prayer for Estrella. Pray for her support-gathering, for her language-learning, and for her other preparations. Pray that God would continue to multiply his fruit for his glory through this church in Pachuca, Mexico.

Un abrazo, –Luke

PS — the photo is of Estrella


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