November 24, 2013

Please Pray - A Special Update from the Greers

Hello & Goodbye

A long-labored hello and a heart-breaking goodbye

Dear friends and family,

On January 8th, 2002 I drove across the Texas-Mexico border in a car crammed full of virtually everything that we owned. I wasn’t going to visit. I was going to make a home there. We were moving to Mexico. We were missionaries.

It’s hard to believe that was twelve years ago. At that time, we only had the faintest idea of what mission work and life would look like. We couldn’t really imagine what it would mean to learn a new language, to adjust to a new culture, to be welcomed by a new people, to participate in new church plants, to see people come to new life in Christ, or to start our new family.
 We had no idea what a privilege it would be to serve with God’s church in Latin America.

Years later, Lindsay composed a prayer with one of the most poignant phrases about missions work that I’ve ever read: Christian missions is a long-labored hello’ and a heart-wrenching goodbye’.”

That line has stuck with me ever since. It’s true. It captures so concisely the nature of God’s call to his mission in the world. God says to the missionary, Work hard, for a long time. And then, when I tell you, leave. Go where I lead you, and do it again.”

Our family has come to one of those goodbyes.” Not forever, for we look forward with all Christians to the eternal hello” in heaven. But we are beginning a transition away from our work in the Jubilee church and to a new work with other church planters in global cities. Beginning in June of 2014, I will be working with the team at Orchard Group.

Orchard has been planting churches in strategic urban contexts for a long time, and in recent years has begun branching out into cities beyond the US borders. They also partner with Christian colleges to help identify and train potential church planters. We will be working with them in both of these ways: training future planters and starting new churches in cities around the world.

Although we always knew the time would come, it still feels strange to be transitioning from dear teammates, friends, colleagues, and a church that we’ve had the privilege of serving. It’s strange because it’s difficult to leave all those things that we love while at the same time we look forward to the challenging work that God has in store for us.

We thank God for our tenure in Mexico and for His providence over our past, present, and future. And we thank him for you — our steadfast supporters — the ones who believe in, support, and pray for God’s work everywhere.

Please be praying with us as we follow after Christ in this new and exciting work set before us!

Un abrazo,


PS – Below, you’ll find more information about our transition and upcoming work. Also, over the next few months, we’ll be sharing more details as we near June 1st, 2014. Thank you for your prayers!

Important to Know

It is with joy and sadness that we see Luke and Lindsay move on to serve God’s Kingdom through Orchard Group. I have complete confidence in their heart and passion for planting churches and seeing the Word of God go forth and can not wait to see how God uses them in this new season of ministry. We will miss them dearly, but I am confident that God will be glorified through their service in the years ahead.”

Where We’ve Been

Where We’re Headed

Supporting Us At Orchard

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