May 6, 2014

Please Pray - Final move and new work

Image Lindsay outside our new apartment (hopefully, if everything works out) in Chicago’s West Town.

Dear friends and family,

As you know, we are transitioning from our work in the Mexico City Valley to a new work with the Orchard Group. This month marks the final days of the transition before I officially join the Orchard team.

Thank you for your prayers for us. We’ve traveled and moved our family from one country to another, and now we’re in the process of getting from our temporary landing zone” in Memphis to our new home in Chicago, where we will be based for the work with Orchard Institute and establishing new churches in strategic urban centers.

We’re excited as work begins with our new team. I am already looking forward to serving teams for new churches in New York, Miami, Chicago, and elsewhere. And I can’t wait to see new churches begin in Latin America. And I’m thrilled to be training up new potential church planters through Orchard Institute’s partnership with Christian colleges. There are simply too many good things to detail in an email!

We ask for your prayer as we enter these final couple of weeks of transition. There are still many details to attend to, and we ask for your prayer as we move and become established in our new place and new work.

Please be praying with us as we follow after Christ in this exciting ministry set before us!

Un abrazo,



PS — Below, you’ll find more information about our transition and new ministry, including how to support us at Orchard Group. Thank you for your prayers!

Supporting Us At Orchard

Important to Know

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