April 9, 2015

Please Pray - New Churches, New Believers, and New Workers

Dear friends and family,

Most days I walk about ten blocks to work. Even when it’s six below zero, the morning sunlight on the cityscape can be strikingly beautiful. The view prompts me to pray for this city and other great cities around the world.

I want to ask you to join me this month in praying for cities. I often pray that the Christian minority would seek the good of their cities (Jer. 29), or that mayors and city counsels would create environments where the church can flourish (1 Tim. 2), or that new ministry workers would be raised up for the city (Lk. 10). Perhaps these verses may also help you as you pray.

Because I have the privilege to work with a team that helps to establish new churches and train new church workers, there are simply too many examples of God’s good answers to prayers like these to share in a single update. So I’ve linked to some highlights from the past couple of months below. Theses highlights demonstrate that as we pray, churches will be started where there weren’t churches before, and people will come to know and worship Jesus Christ who didn’t know and worship him before.

Thank you for your steadfast support and prayer!

Luke Greer

New church launches in Philly

College students receive urban ministry training

Renewal Church of Chicago celebrates its first two baptisms!

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