September 15, 2017

Please Pray - Birthdays for new churches

Dear praying friends and family,

Jerry Seinfeld has a stand-up comedy bit about how your first birthday and your last birthday are kind of the same: Other people have to tell you that this is your birthday. They have to help you blow out the candles. They have to gather your friends, and they have to tell you, These are your friends…’”

In contrast, the first birthdays of churches are not at all like what Seinfeld observes. No one is more aware of the significance of the milestone than the local leaders and congregation. No one is more energetic than the church planters and those rallied around them. Likewise older, established churches who are invested in church plants are deeply mindful of the importance of these first benchmark events. Many times, it is the oldest churches who are most aware of the legacies that they are cultivating through church planting.

At Orchard Group, we have the privilege of bringing together these two constituencies: established churches who have celebrated dozens of birthdays, and church plants who are experiencing birthdays for the first time.

This month is a big month for church plant birthdays: Trace Church in Colorado Springs, Renewal Church in Chicago, Renaissance Church in Harlem, and Miami Church the all have birthdays. And Saint-Lazare Church in Paris just celebrated its first Sunday gathering!

Of course, these early birthday parties for new churches are made possible because of the established churches who generously partner in prayer, giving, and service. The established churches are practicing and passing on a heritage of self-giving for the sake of Christ and his church everywhere.

All of this is cause for celebration, both for the plants and for the partners. And we can be confident that He who has started the good work in these new churches will carry it on from the first birthday all the way to completion at the day of Jesus Christ (Phil. 1:6).

To these and many more church birthdays to come,


PS — the photo is from Thrive Church in Orlando They’ve been using this truck to serve those who have been impacted by Hurricane Irma. Pray for Thrive Church and for Miami Church as they serve their communities over the next weeks and months!

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