April 13, 2018

Please Pray • Death to Life

Dear praying friends and family,

In a message delivered to a group of Christian leaders, author Francis Chan asks, If you were tasked with going to a cemetery to raise someone from the dead, who would you bring with you?” After pausing, he continues, A great communicator? A band?” Chan’s point is clear: resurrection from the dead is something that no one could ever hope to accomplish without the miraculous intervention of God himself. As John 6:63 reads, It is the Spirit that gives life; the flesh counts for nothing.”

Each year around this time, when churches the world over celebrate Easter, they’re celebrating this incredible reality: that God has the power to raise the dead. This is so radical, miraculous, and mysterious that it’s easy to forget, or to dismiss, or to pay lip service without ever deeply considering the real implications.

During Easter season, the team here at Orchard Group has a practice of reaching out to our churches to ask for updates. They share annual attendance, offerings, and other figures. But the figure that we all most anticipate is all about resurrection: those who have come to new faith and been baptized. Coming to faith in Christ means moving from death to life; it’s a resurrection!

This year that number was 830. That means that over the past 12 months in Orchard Group church plants, more than eight hundred people were raised from death into new life. God has (again!) raised the dead. This is why we plant churches: that more and more people might discover Jesus, know him personally, and be raised into new life with him.

Thank you for partnering with us in this resurrection work. And happy belated Easter! —Luke

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